About the Extended Supervision Package


This course is a deep dive into the preparation to teach Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction MBSR and other Mindfulness-Based Approaches MBA. It is ideal for those who want to start teaching now, but may not have the time or do not want to wait for the next Level Two MBSR and MBA course.

You will find that the Level One course gives you a firm foundation on which to build your skills, and as you prepare to teach you will find that much of the preparation time is spent building your capacity to inhabit the essence of the MBSR, MBA course or workshop that you are planning.

Within this you need to build your understanding of the course form, and a lot of this work will take place through your own self-study. This makes this extended supervision package the ideal support for this next step in your teaching.

As you explore this series of videos and accompanying documents and mp3 recordings, you will find that there are recommendations on how to prepare for each session including a focus on the spectrum of teaching intentions and how to adapt the core practices to support the intention and focus of the session.

A key point in planning to teach is intention, what do we want the participants to learn? In the words of Stephen Covey, "How do we keep the main thing, the main thing?"

The supervision sessions will answer any questions you may have, support preparation, and, with the Teaching and Learning Companion, support the reflective practice - holding any judgement or self critisim that may arise with kindly awareness, practicing unconditional friendliness. With kind eyes, the focus is on strengths as well as areas for development.

So whether you are planning to teach the 8-week MBSR Course, incorporate mindfulness into your profession or teach mindfulness workshops, this extended supervision package can really help you explore both the explicit content, the instructional nuts and bolts, plus the implicit, the more embodied, intuitive, non-instrumental aspects of the teaching process.

I look forward to supporting you on this journey!

Kind regards


This course includes:
  • 2 hours on-demand videos, downloadable session plans, participants workbook, supporting documents, resources, and mp3 recordings

  • 8-hours of supervision with Kathy Ward. This can be arranged in 30-minute or 60-minute sessions.

  • Email support with Kathy Ward

  • Private peer group support

  • Access on mobile and PC

  • SPECIAL OFFER: €100 tuition discount if you go on to book the Level Two course

  • Contact us at enquiry@mindfulacademyint.com if you would like details of our payments plans or if you prefer to pay via bank transfer.